How to choose a landscaping company?

Finding the right landscaping company can be a tricky task for any property owner. The presence of a large number of landscaping companies can make it tough for you to choose a reliable company. Here are some useful tips using which you can select a landscaping company in Delhi NCR:

Look at the services that the company offers

First and foremost, you will need to have a clear perception about the exact services which the company offers. The landscape maintenance services which the company offers should include edging, mowing, seasonal colour, weeding, trimming, turf and ornamental programmes. The landscape design should include site evaluations and plans to create or improve marketing areas and focal points. Community master planning, amenity design such as outdoor kitchens, patios, grilling stations, dog parks and fire pits.

The landscape construction services should include hydroseeding, planting, turf installation, water feature installation, retaining walls, drainage, hardscapes, erosion control and outdoor amenity installation. The irrigation and lighting services are likely to include installation, maintenance, repair and upgrades & recommendations for efficient use of water. Snow and ice management should includes plowing, ice melt application and sidewalk clearing. The landscape enhancement services will include landscape enhancement, redesign of focal points or addition of non-contracted items like seasonal colour displays, baskets or planters, trimming and tree removal.

Have a clear perception of what you require

While selecting a landscape designer, you need to spend time reviewing landscape contractor’s portfolios and skills. Many landscape designers who work in rural and urban areas have websites which display their creations and landscape scenery. You should also directly go to the company’s office and check their portfolio. Review the time period which the landscape contractor has been in the business and if the company needs to have a high standing among landscape designing agencies.

You will want to create a landscape contractor with ample experience in handling residential projects. Also check whether a landscape contractor you plan to hire if their portfolio includes landscape maintenance, landscape lighting as well as landscape supply. All landscape designers do not provide the same type of services. Therefore, you will need to decide whether you require long-term or short-term service contracts.

Find out whether the landscape designer is responsive or not

Consider if the landscape contractor is responsive to the needs of your project or not. Responsiveness refers to the ability to deal with complaints and resolve them promptly with the solutions. Do you want to be impersonal with the landscape contractor? You may think about selecting a landscape designer who can adapt to the needs of your project.

Find out whether they employ sustainable practices

Are you in search for a firm help you turn your landscape into a sustainable one? If yes, then you are definitely going in the right direction. By creating landscapes which are cost-effective, energy efficient, water saving and ecologically conscious are great ways to have an impact on your budget. The landscaping company you select should have the sustainability at the centre of everything they do, starting from materials and plants to use their water management plans for your space.

Look for references

Landscape designers often have a good reputation for their expertise on complex, challenging projects and landscape scenery. When selecting a landscape designer, consider if they are a member of the Indian Architects Association or not. Ask the landscape contractor for references when you start looking for a landscape designer. Most will be able to references as to their promptness, landscape scenery and design. Consider the breadth of the projects which the landscape contractor has handled in the past.


Selecting a reputed landscaping company in Delhi NCR is not an easy task for a property owner. Taking the help of references and having a clear idea of what you require will enable you to select a reliable company.

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The author is an expert in architecture. He has worked with some of the leading landscaping company in Delhi NCR in the past.