7 unique ideas for designing landscapes around your home

The way your house looks helps in creating a positive or negative impression in the minds of visitors. If you are shifting to a new home soon, then you are likely to look for design ideas to make the interior and exteriors stand out from other homes in the neighbourhood. Some of the unique landscape design ideas which you can use to make your home stand out are mentioned below:-
Plant keeping in numbers
One of the simplest landscape ideas which is easy to implement is to implement. You can also help in designing a garden or landscape is to plant large swaths of the same plant. For instance, you can plant a bed which has a big, bold burst of chartreuse from amongst golden creeping Jenny. You can form a perfect contrast by planting a blue fescue.
Opt for repetition
It is easy to create a mishmash look when planting if you to try to plant different types of flowers. One gardening idea which you can opt for is reusing the same colors, shapes or plant varieties in plantings. Here is a practical example. To the left of your deck, a golden creeping Jenny will match perfectly with the hue of the golden sweet flag. The sweet flag enhances the texture of blue fescue, which goes well with the silvery blue shade of a potted false cypress.
Opt for plants which have do double duty
You can have a limited space, then you will have to review gardening ideas to make the best use of them. Going by the emerging trends, you will need to opt for major landscape ideas to take the best advantage of plants which serve more than one purpose. An espaliered apple free, for example will offer you with a privacy from neighbor on the side. It will offer an eye catching backdrop for curve in a path and in autumn which offer a harvest of fresh apples.
Go for bold contrasts
One of the most basic and sampling ideas is to opt for creating contrasts. Opt for colour. By pairing a burgundy-purple with chartreuse, the gold shades are likely to become brighter and the purple tones will appear richer and darker. A combination of these colours is far more effective than when they are used alone.
Make fun with plants
Another gardening idea which you can opt for is to opt for plants which enhance what plants do in a natural manner. Espalier is one perfect plant which you can opt for. This is a funny idea which will make others marvel at your creativity! For example, a simple shrub will become something special when given training and pruning. Pruning once or twice a year can help you create a big impact.
Mix different types of materials
Gardeners tend to come up with different types of landscaping ideas for plants and fewer for non-plant materials. You can easily add a high level of interest to your yard by joining different types of materials. The natural feel of ambience and cut flagstones will create a delightful contrast in contrast to smooth Mexican beach pebbles and gravel. Keep an eye on the colour of flagstone caricaturists the beach pebbles and creates a balance between the two.  It is a perfect example of using repetition.
Juggle with geometry
You may not love geometry. But you can take the best advantage of shapes, lines and angles while reviewing your garden ideas and lay out your yard for creating drama and impact. A square patch of lush green ground cover can stand out when lined with palm trees and bordered in smooth beach pebbles.
Are you looking for landscape design ideas for your new home? Making a different types of materials, playing with geometry and bold contrasts will help you to give your new look which will arouse the envy of people.
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