4 Out of Box Landscaping Design Ideas for Front of House

In case you have a modest home, it is quite likely that your front yard is of moderate size. Only because you have less front yard space, then rolling acreage upon which dream home stands, doesn’t mean that you cannot make your front yard be stylish. A high level care and strategic landscaping can help in transforming even the most humble front yards into gorgeous ones. Some of the unique landscaping ideas for front of house are discussed below:

Asian-Inspired Garden 

If you are interested in gardening, then an Asian-inspired garden would be a viable option for you. Hardscape elements can help you reinforce the style. It won’t involve a high level of maintenance. Having a restrained wood fence with uncluttered detail at the top highlights the Asian influences within your garden.

You will need to select varieties with a high level of care to reinforce clean lines within the garden. The biggest advantage of doing so is that having fewer plants which will ensure lesser maintenance of the garden. Mulch isn’t a finicky plant. It retains water, keeps a control of weeds and minimizes the need for upkeep.

Once established, evergreens including the mid-height versions at the fence and dwarf variations close to pathway, will require very little care. In place of plants which are hard to maintain, garden ornaments fill the gaps in a landscape. This is a viable solution for front yard landscaping.

Add Grace and Grandeur

Shrubs and trees can be combined in order to strike, expansive back or front yard landscaping. A dash of river rock offers an informal but unique edging between garden bed and lawn. Elegantly arching shrubs such as cryptomeria and willow which keeps the garden’s vibe definitely low-key.

Reliable shrubs and trees can offer more than just a basic green colour palette and lively autumnal tones which will make the landscape come to life. Investing in trees and shrubs will prove to be advantageous in more ways than only landscape interest. The two also provide visual appeal during the winter when perennials have already died. You can shape shrubs such as willow or leave them to grow naturally, thereby doing away with the need for daily trimming.

Avoid Vibrant Colours

One common mistake which people often make is to opt for plants with vibrant colours. These plants require a high level of care. As an alternative, you can opt for ornamental grasses such as Japanese forest grass are resolute in case of low care gardens. They offer superb foliage, require little hand holding and can bear harsh weather. A flagstone path needs no care except a good sweep. A flagstone path which requires no care except a good sweep runs from one end to the other of a narrow side yard. In order to have a truly low-maintenance garden, you will have to limit your plans to those which require little tender loving care. It can adapt to the conditions of the space’s micro climate like coral bells. After one or two years, deciduous trees like maple offer structure without the need for the addition of a garden.

Generous Bed 

An amiable grouping of perennials and annuals dresses up a narrow flowerbed in the landscape idea for a front yard. Easy care doesn’t necessarily mean boring. If you reserve your efforts to offer a few extra touches to your garden, then you can make a distinct impact by adding heat-resistant bulbs like canna. Annuals offer pops of colour during summer without the need to be tensed about preparing the plants for winters. Begonia and lantana are ideal for a narrower bed.


Want to give your home’s front a complete makeover? Opting for landscaping design ideas for front of house can help you make your home’s front appear more glamorous than it does now. Professional Landscaping Contractor can help you in beautifying your garden.